Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DIY..... Won't you guide my sleigh tonight?

Yes, blogging takes a fair amount of time. Here it is 12.29.2010 and I haven't written for over two months. Before I close out the Christmas season, I will share what has been a few of my favorite things about this year's Christmas. DIY reindeer. (Do it yourself)

First off, I should give some credit to my neighbor Mila for my "holiday spirit." I had barely recovered from the trip to Baja, which requires it's own blog entry, when I came home from work one night to see Joe and Mila's house, all lit up. For me, it screamed "Santa's Coming!!!!" It put a smile on my face and set the wheels in motion for CHRISTMAS 2010!!!! This photo does not do justice to the brilliant light display I get to see every night. It helps that their son works for SDGE :)

During senior volleyball weekend at Rutgers, Molly, Caitlin, and I went for some retail therapy at Anthropologie. We couldn’t find anything to buy, but we did find this keen reindeer.....With a price tag of $65.00!!!!!! "Holy Crow!" I thought and said out loud, “I could do that!" I snapped a photo with my phone and set it on the brain back burner.

A couple weeks later I read something somewhere about breaking through creative blocks. At the same time I was procrastinating over studying for my ACLS renewal. Fabric, glue, and glitter seemed to be calling out to me from the sewing room.

On a warm, sunny December afternoon, I started experimenting and over the course of a week, came up with a finished reindeer. After admiring my handiwork for a couple days, I gave the reindeer to my neighbor, Heather. Heather loves Christmas and decorations. She also is the one who gave me a giant stash of Christmas fabric one year. It seemed only fitting that he should go to her.

I had found the first reindeer body in a thrift store. I was lucky to find two more at Michael’s. ACLS now complete, in between saving lives and real life, I could make some art for Molly and Caitlin!!!!!

They loved them! They shouted out with GLEE!!! Actually, Christmas day arrived…

My mom, who had been giving her Christmas stuff away, saw the reindeer at Molly’s house and mine.

Yep, Gramma was coveting the reindeer. “Mom, I would have made you one but you were getting rid of all YOUR stuff”. “Catherine, it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and if I had one I would keep it out, all year round.” Well, I love a challenge. I found another reindeer body. I want to see if she keeps it out all year.

More glitter, glue, fabric, and mess…

A finished product! I think it’s the best one yet.

I started to think about the "best one yet" concept. I was reminded of the story of Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding. The governor of the feast remarked to the servants serving him that they had saved the best for last. Then I started thinking about my favorite movie, “Babette’s Feast”, and then my brain moved on to my other favorite things about this past Christmas.

Three of my four brothers were at the house for dinner (along with 16 other people). During the week leading up to Christmas I got to see all four!!!! It’s been years since all five of us have been together at the same time. I was grateful to see them all. We aren't really a family reunion kind of family so maybe that's why when I get to see them all it's pretty wonderful.

This is the beginning of "Porterama" Giles, Patrick, and I before Giles headed to Mexico to join his family. And leave his dog at Mom and Dad's.

(Eugene, Puppa, Patrick, Catherine, Roy)

I get from Anthropologie to DIY reindeer to Jesus to food, movies, and my brothers….. It’s what happens when I sit down with some fabric, glue, glitter, old buttons, scraps of ribbon, and a little free time. Stream of consciousness... that only comes from Catherine.

I hope this finds you enjoying some little sweet thing and sets a lot of creativity in motion as well.

(I like this photo because of the artsy shadow)

In Health and Love, Catherine
PS This post is dedicated to Deb Barends who turned me on to the magazine "Cloth-Paper-Scissors" on my last visit to New Jersey. Creativity begets creativity, I think that's someone else's quote, my visit to her house jump started my brain. Thanks Deb!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Channeling June Cleaver

There hasn't been a lot of sun in Southern California, for a long time. We usually get a nice hot summer where the ocean gets warm, you can surf till dark in just your bathing suit, and then fall comes, the kids go back to school, and then the weather gets really good, and there is still plenty of time for fun outside till dark. Well, it's almost November and I'm beginning to think maybe California is the new Oregon? The good news about rainy, cloudy weather, it provides more time for sleeping, eating comfort food made in a yellow bowl.... or adventures in the sewing room. Last week, Barbara Billingsley died. She was more famously known as June Cleaver of "Leave it to Beaver". She was Ward's wife, Wally and Beaver's mom. An American Icon.

June was a great mom. Never got too made, was always polite, didn't use foul language, made nutritious meals for her family, wore an apron, wore pearls. I'm beginning to think that just wearing an apron and pearls can make housecleaning a lot more enjoyable and dinners more delicious and healthy. Uh oh, there goes the mind of Catherine...

Anyway, last week it was raining, again.... it way my day off, and I was trying to think of something I could make for a friend who's birthday was in September... Her day happened while I was busy off seeing America and as a firm believer in the Birthday Season... which means gifts up to six months after or even more are great.... Just bring on the Birthday Booty, or in this case give. Anyway, I like to give things from the heart and was waiting for inspiration. Well, rain, a tired body, and lack of surf provided it. That and June Cleaver on the brain. I'll make an apron!
Like I said, I like to give things from the heart. If I can use things from a past garage sale, thrift store, or other fabric store finds, all the better. I sat in my comfy chair and envisioned what was in some of my scrap and salvage boxes. I made this apron with all things I had in some of my many nooks and crannies of the sewing room. The body of the apron is a tablecloth from the 60's that was stained and had a few wear holes. The stains and holes were covered with heart appliques I made using wunder-under other and bits of fabric that I liked. The pocket is a sweet old napkin, rick rack embellishments were left over from another project, the ties and the front belt are two different ginghams that I had in other scrap boxes. I was quite impressed with the end result. So much so, I just had to go put on my pearls and channel a little June Cleaver.All from a rainy day that caused those creative juices to start flowing.... For the love of a friend who will finally get her dream kitchen... All the while I'm stitching, I'm thinking she's gonna feel the love in the stitches and that the meals she prepares while she wears it are gonna be that much better and the dishes she cleans are gonna be that much cleaner. All from an apron!

Next time you start thinking you have to throw something away because it's got a stain on it, or somethings not perfect so you get rid of it, sit back for a second and see if there's something else you could make from it. Or someone else could make something with it. One woman's trash could end up a sewing room treasure.

Thank you June Cleaver. For my love of aprons. My love of pearls. For the countless hours of entertainment you provided when I was sick and got to stay home from school and watch television. With no remote control. In black and white.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Of Visualization, Travel, and Athletics....

I've often told my kids and my patient's, "it all starts with a thought, you've got to visualize it first". Today's blog is dedicated to the Wright Brothers. I went many places on round two of "All Gone to Look for America" and had originally thought I'd just blog every day during the adventure. Life had it's way with me so now it's a week later I'm home, and I'll just blog about each spot as I feel led. So keep posted if you want to hear about Kentucky, Ohio, The Outer Banks of North Carolina, Coastal Virginia, or New Jersey. For now I'll start with Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.See that monument if the rear of this photo? Well that's the point at which the Wright Brothers had their first flight. All something like 3 or 30 seconds. Each flight got longer and longer. Started on hill, now we think nothing of jetting across the country or flying to the moon. I'm not good on dates and numbers, only general ideas, and I am overwhelmed at times to think of how these two brothers figured out the basics of flying, the time and energy and brilliance it took, and where flight has ended up in roughly a hundred years. I mean, all my far away adventures happen because of flight, so I'm just gonna say Thank You Wright Brothers!I was pleased to see that the brothers also required a bit of sewing in their quest for flight. Good strong sewing machine helped make it all happen. Not to mention math,physics and all that other stuff we occasionally think of as kids that we don't need in school.... Which brings to mind why I'm even writing now. As I stood up by the monument, after going though the museum and walking in the National Park, I could envision those boys and all their friends and the people who made it possible, up high on that hill, arms outstretched, thinking like they were birds. I really enjoyed the afternoon at the museum and learning new stuff.

We got home, I went back to work and went back to the business of my regular life, trying to fit exercise into a busy work schedule, laundry, the dog,etc. One day last week, I was in Elia's yoga class. I was so happy to be stretching and moving and doing all those good things. Part of the series of postures or "asanas" moves from Virabhadrasana III (Warrior III) to Dekasana (Airplane). I know that part of yoga is attempting to just breath and clear your mind of everything before and after class, but I'm still a baby yoganini and so I have to visualize what I want this big gyrl body of mine to do, otherwise, I'll never do it. I love the warrior postures in that I just feel strong and graceful when I practice them, in a way that the only other time I feel as strong and graceful is when I'm surfing well or coasting down a big hill on my bike with my hair blowing behind me. So on this particular day, I'm breathing and concentrating, and suddenly, I am back on the hill at Kitty Hawk. The wind is blowing, my face and heart uplifted, my warrior is stronger and my airplane wings are just a little bit stronger. I'm back on adventure in North Carolina, for just a moment. When it happened again on Friday afternoon in another class, I thought, "I guess I better blog."Around the memorial is inscribed "conceived by genius, achieved by dauntless resolution and unconquerable faith". I'd like to add a little bit of imagination helped. At any rate, if you make it to the east coast, have a stop by Kitty Hawk and the museum. I don't have any food places to recommend for the area, just a great memorial. Until the next time.....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

All Gone To Look For America

Simon & Garfunkel's song "All Gone to Look for America" played over and over in my head before the trip even started. Who knew I would have 2 flats in less than 12 hours....??? I chose not to look at it as "a sign", rather according to Caitlin, "Lola just wanted some new accessories." 4 tires and an oil change later, I was off, "Counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike They've all gone, to look for America..."

A brief stay in New Brunswick, I drove to Newark, Delaware. How nice that the town would announce my arrival with a sign. I knew I was going to love that town when I happened upon a strip mall on the main drag that had a bike shop, a yoga studio, and a Goodwill!!! So many treasures!!!!

In between volleyball matches, I rented a bike, got lost on some roads, found myself on a trail in White Clay Creek State Park. Sitting by my bike, with a puzzled look on my face, many strangers stopped to give me directions. I ended up taking a lovely ride along the creek that brought me back to right where I was supposed to be! Without having to go on roads!!! I love America!!!! Part of the bike ride included riding along part of the Mason Dixon Line.
After the bike ride, the first nurse I officially mentored, Allison, came to Caitlin's games, we got to hang in the stands and cheer. She brought along her husband Javi and son Alex. I call them "the Sweet Little Family". I love reconnecting with some of the people that I just love on the last year of volleyball adventures!From Newark, Delaware to Takoma Park, Maryland, for a visit with my friend Stan from Fiddle and Dance Camp. He gave me a behind the scenes tour of his town, his yard, his Glen Echo National Park! He was a Park Ranger there for many years. The day included the merry go round, The Spanish Ballroom, puppet show, stream, the Pottery Yurts, it was a fun filled, jam packed day! I still can't waltz, maybe after volleyball ends, I'll take some lessons. From there it was off to Herndon, Virginia!Herndon is where my dearest girlfriend in the world lives, Shelly. We worked together as young cardiac nurses, she would move and come back, we always stayed in touch. The sister I never had. She told me about 17 years ago that they were moving back to Encinitas. I'm still waiting. She works with her sister Mary now, painting and selling glassware, "Glorious Goblets". I got to sell glassware with them at the Herndon Wine and Music Festival. Another fun day, perhaps I missed my calling doing sales? I was just happy to be with her and her family.
What day is it and what state am I in? I got up early tuesday morning to drive back to New Jersey.... by that evening after a Rutgers volleyball game, I realized it had been 5 Days - 500 miles - 5 States. And I still had 5 more days!!!This is Rosie. She and her mom and sister Fran come to our house for Christmas every year. She graduated from college, sold all her stuff, and up and moved to New York City!!! Well, there's a whole other adventure in that story, you'll have to read her blog.... She ended up staying a few days with Caitlin and the rest of the girls... Wednesday brought me to Nyack, New York. My friend Maggie from Fiddle Camp lives there with her husband Laren and dog Chester. I had a great walking tour of Her town, THREE thrift stores!!! a delicious lunch, but mostly a great visit with a new friend. The drive to her house was beautiful, I kept having to stop and look at things along the Palisades Parkway... After my visit with Maggie, I was back to stay put in New Brunswick for a week end of Volleyball, Volleyball, and Volleyball. Oh, and Caitlin had to go to class. I did get to have one dinner with her and Adam. I love to just sit back at Old Man Rafferty's, feed the kids, and listen to the stories of their lives. I am so grateful. It overwhelms me at times. Adam is also the "car savior", he stayed with Lola while Emma came to get Caitlin when she was stranded on the turnpike at 11:30 at night.While all the girls were at class, I was grateful for the quiet in the house, with just street sounds coming through the windows. I had asked Caitlin if there was something she wanted me to do while they were gone. "Do you think you could do something with our stove? We tried a lot of things and it's got years of dirt" I love a challenge. I call this the "Zen and the Art of Stove Cleaning" photo. 2 hours and a lot of elbow grease and toxic chemicals later... the stove was clean. I actually loved the cleaning, my thoughts could just go where ever they wanted, a lot of love went in to that scrubbing, as well as a feeling of great accomplishment. All from cleaning a stove....This has to be one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. Fiores Mozzarella in Hoboken. Caitlin and I took a brief food journey to Hoboken. Just get the special, whatever it is.
Missy, Emma's mom and I wanted to get the parents together between games on Saturday. Potluck was the original idea, then it was suggested we meet at "The Olive Branch", thank you KB!!!! Wings and beer, it was a good time! We may have a new way of tailgating.... A special note of thanks to these fine women for allowing me to share their space. At one point there were 5 girls, 2 moms, and one bathroom. It all worked out and I was missing them terribly the first few days I was home.

Hopefully, on the next leg of my journey, I'll write less, more frequently. I love that I have an iphone and a gps. The gps has opened a world to me that I would not have ventured into, given my terrible sense of direction. The iphone allows me to look things up at a moments notice. It also has a gps but I need something talking to me with a visual so Gar takes care of that. The thought foremost in my mind is that for many years, I thought I had to fly across the ocean to lands where I don't speak the language for adventure. Yes, it's there too, but I have learned it's here in my own country. Travel and adventure is all about the food you eat, the people you meet, and the things you see. It's how you deal with flat tires and wrong turns.
Round two of volleyball travel starts tomorrow. Caitlin's friend Rosie remarked as we walked home from the College Ave Gym one afternoon, "Catherine, I think your life is a soundtrack." I like that. Originally, the next leg of the journey would be called GTLFA Part II, I decided to call the next phase, "This Land is My Land." Woodie Guthrie's music...... and Robert will accompany me.

First stop, Kentucky! Birthplace of my Dad, Puppa. Stay tuned.

In Health and Love, Catherine

Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Because when I look good... You play well"

I've never been one to put much effort into my appearance. I've been known to pick clothing up off the floor, shake it a few times, and wear it again the next day. Of course the older I get, I put in a bit more effort. More for me is not much for others. It's all relative. I was never the teenager to experiment with make up, in fact, my parents paid for someone to put make up on me when I got married and I didn't even recognize myself! I prefer the "natural look." When my eldest daughter got married, my younger daughter convinced me that to look good in the photo's, I needed to wear make up and when I found out how much it cost to have someone do it, she also suggested I learn to do it myself. "We'll just go to Nordstrom and then buy what they suggest." Such a thinker, that one. It was actually fun and I saw the benefit's in the photo's, so now, on occasion, I wear make up. Tomorrow is such an occasion. It is the first game of Caitlin's senior season playing volleyball. I have been on the sidelines, cheering for one my girls on the court for 16 years, it's been a good ride, I have loved it, and I am in anticipatory grieving over the end of this time in my life.

I love women's volleyball. I loved to play when I was young, I loved that both of my girls played, I love how the game has evolved, I just love it. The only other sport I love is surfing and women's volleyball is the only sport I love being a spectator, especially if one of my girls are on the court!

Most athletes have good luck charms. Mine happen to be dressing up, wearing certain pieces of jewelry, and yes.... putting on makeup. Not a lot, but enough. It didn't start until about 7 or 8 years ago. I realized that the better I felt in the stands, the better I cheered, the better I cheered, the more other people cheered. The fans cheering are the 7th player in volleyball. I remember Jace, one of Caitlin's team mates saying, "Catherine, you look good!" My reply, "when I look good, you play well!" It stuck. It got to a point where I had to start planning outfits when they had far away tournaments. The team did well. It was my good luck charm, a way for me to channel my energy, it was me doing my part for the team without ever setting foot on the court.

Doing well doesn't necessarily mean winning, although winning IS a beautiful thing. It means going out and doing your best, using your brain and the talents God has given you. So while those girls are on the court, I'm gonna do my best cheering and my best looking put together. I will wear my mother in laws pearls because she loved to come to games. I will love every minute that I get to see the team play this season.

After work tonight, I was putting things together. "What are you doing?" "I'm putting my outfits together." Robert asked, "Do I need to plan my outfits?" "Nope, just me."

When Caitlin was 9, she started playing volleyball. Her coach, Ed handed each girl a notebook. He explained to these little girl sponges the importance of a good nights sleep, clean socks for games, sportsmanship, being on time, and it had a quote from John Wooden, "Failure to prepare is preparing to fail." I can't sleep right now because I am so excited and I'm not even playing! My outfits are just about ready. As I prepare, I also looking back with so much fondness, at what my kid's athletic's have taught me.

So for now, I will continue to say thank you as I plan the weekend's outfits.


I'll figure what to do with the rest of my life when the season is over.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm a Fabriphile....

Is that a word? Fabriphile. I think it must be. A person who loves fabric. I like to sew, I'm a kinda good at it, I get by. Along with those old things I like, I like to take old sewing patterns and them update them a bit. Like this little treasure I found in a thrift store a long time ago.... It's a McCall's, from the 70's!

I've been known to buy fabric just because of how it feels, I've also been known to greet people and then ask to feel the fabric of their clothing. I like fabric "with a good hand", there's a fabriphile saying for you. Anyway, a couple weeks ago, before my credit card was used fraudulently and I could shop at will.... I was in my favorite local fabric store, perusing the remnant table. My original purpose was to buy batting for some quillow's I was making, it's near impossible to go into a fabric store and only spend 5 minutes. I glanced upon this green, black, and yellow gem at the bottom of a pile and thought, "Hmm, those are good colors for me. I thought to myself "it's a bad economy and I need to save money and NOT buy more fabric", I purchased the batting and was on my way.

In the back of my mind, I kept thinking, "you should have bought it, it was only $2.98. Remember those green silk pajamas you DID'T buy in New York!" Well, about three days later, I couldn't take it anymore and went back. I prayed as I drove to Yardage Town. Hallelujah! It was buried underneath and the treasure was mine!!!! I still had quillow's to finish, but those stripes kept calling out to me from the sewing room.... "Hey, Catherine, don't you think I'd make a cool jacket to wear to Cardiac Rehab?" The wheels of creativity were spinning. Quillow's mailed to New Jersey, I got sewers block. This is what happens when I know I want to make something that involves doing things I've never done before...for example sewing stretch knits, using less than than adequate fabric for a project, sewing in separating zippers, and that ever present fear.... what if it's ugly, doesn't fit, and it's a total waste of time.

Self Doubt. It will knock you down every time. It's been known to keep me and many others from doing things that could be great. Happily, I worked it through in my head and one night, in a spur of energy, I thought "now or never, just do it, Catherine!"
As I started to put the pattern pieces out, I realized (1) I really didn't have enough fabric (2) look at those stripes and (3) who are you trying to fool? I pushed that doubt guy back, shortened up the arms and the jacket body, I figured if it didn't fit me, it would fit someone else...

I waited before I cut. I waited before I sewed. Fear. I decided to google sewing stretch fabric. Heck, I learned to free motion quilt from a 4 year old on youtube, maybe there's something. Sure enough, there was.

A few days of struggle, a walking foot failure(this is a special foot for stretchy stuff and different types of fabric being sewn together) and my own self doubt.....Voila!!! A cute little jacket to wear to work!!
I ended up adding black Lycra to the arms for added length, the non shiny side. I'm excited to try making another, reversible jacket with some contrasting fabric on the inside. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"~Albert Einstein

When I learned to sew in junior high, there were a lot of rules. Those rules were important, but somewhere along the way I got lost in the rules and didn't let my imagination take me where it needed to go. Mistakes get made, some projects turn out right, some not so right. More life metaphors.... The good news is that I allowed myself to experiment a little, it turned out well, so I'm gonna go experiment some more. I'm thinking it's good to have some creative challenges. It's a really good release for life stresses.

In the meantime, a shout out to all those youtubers and bloggers that are sharing their how to and explanation video's. There's a lot of stuff to create in the world.

You got any creative challenges in the back of your brain? Ready, set, go! Until next time......

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Geromolina's Last Ride

I have had a long standing love of Volkswagen's since before I could remember. I was thinking last night that it is my German roots trying to overpower my more prevalent Irish roots.... Either way, a love of old VW's is one of my genetic flaws. Last night I said good bye to Geromolina, my 1969 bus that has lived with us since July of 2000. A friend commented a couple weeks ago, "Catherine, I don't know you to be one who is attached to stuff, so why the angst about a car?" Well, only a lover of old VW's knows the feeling. We just love them and don't ask why. It did however give me reason to think of all the great VW memories I have. I'll share just a smidge of them now.

1977 Joan McMann and friends would chip in 25 cents each for gas and drive all over Huntington Beach in her VW Bug. 1977 I was in my first car accident in Joan's Dad's VW Bus. 1978 I ran away from home in a VW Bus, I don't remember what I returned in....

1979 Graduated High School and left on a west coast excursion with Kim Benedict in her VW Beetle. Left home again that year, I could fit everything I valued in that beetle including my sewing machine, stereo, and favorite chair.
1980 Gave birth to my daughter Molly. My parents were in Mexico, I had my roommates go get my Gramma who was visiting from Wisconsin so she could see her great grand child, born on her 80th birthday. She wouldn't go in my parent's car. Danny picked her up in his bus....
1985 Robert and I got married. Our car of choice for our honeymoon/surf trip....A Volkswagen...

Somewhere around 1992 we got our first bus. Born in 1967, her name was The Magic Bus. It was a good time driving her around. Caitlin got her first black eye when she tried to run from one end to the other...Inside the bus. She had beautiful wood carved cabinets and a comfy bed. We enjoyed many a beach day and "bus dates" with her. When Molly started driving, the Magic Bus went to go live with Billy. It was nice to see her driving around Carlsbad. Billy had restored her and we recently heard she lives in England now!!!!

One spring break in Molly's junior year, we were wondering why we were depressed. We realized that we didn't have a Volkswagen and ended up buying a Vanagon. We thought this would be safer and not so much work. Wrong. We didn't keep her too long.

July of 2000, we were surfing in Cabo and met a lovely Australian couple, Craig and Marnie, who had bought a bus in Washington, drove her all over the west coast including Yosemite and Las Vegas, and now were in Cabo. We invited them to visit on their way home. They ended up staying a week, we bought their bus, and gave them a ride to the airport. $1200. So many good times, good memories, she became a neighborhood fixture.

When I turned 40, Robert surprised me with a great gift! A brand new VW Beetle.

Wow! Two Volkswagen's living in one house. She was fun to drive, Caitlin and I had many fun volleyball road trips in Bella. Lot's of heart to heart conversations, we got lost driving to Vegas once, she went a lot of cool places. I used to drive my father in law Bill, to see Violet or go to Dr appointments. He would always say, "Are we gonna take the red car?" He loved German engineering. But Bella was made of plastic and more and more things were getting broken, so she was replaced by my Honda, Emma.

All the while, Geromolina is getting rustier and rustier, and she spends more time getting worked on than riding the open roads or going surfing and the kids have all left home so she doesn't go on bus dates anymore........

Sometimes, it took a few neighbors and the dog to get her going......

Unless you are one of those people....(I know they are out there) That have this love of the Volkswagen, you many not fully comprehend the relationship some of us have with our vehicles. My dentist recently remarked that my mourning was like that of losing a family member.... Not the same, but as a feeling being, we may sometimes attach feelings to an object; a favorite blanket, the rocking chair where I fed my children, a yellow bowl, or a Volkswagen.
Geromolina has gone to live with Brian now. Originally from Hawaii and newly laid off from his computer engineer job, he's got some time and money to spend on a project. He said his girlfriend wants to go camping in her. He won't try to restore her to her original beauty, but so she can get around and be reasonably safe. He said he'd bring her buy and we could have a party. After she left on the tow truck last night, a few neighbors expressed sadness and disbelief that she would no longer be with us here on Alviso. As one boy pushed his new baby brother in a stroller, he said, "I loved that car, Man." No, the street will never be quite the same.

I had originally thought I would keep the rear door and window, to make an art project in my back yard. After all, it had some of favorite bumper stickers. Through some gentle urging by my friend Rod, I decided to keep her whole, minus a few hubcaps. I found enough trinketry and history inside her to make a nice little art project. The proceeds from her sale will go towards a custom Roderick Treece mirror for my bathroom. Somewhere in the mirror will be a mother of pearl inlay in a VW insignia. Yes, my love of all things Volkswagen is a metaphor for life. We start young, we go on adventures, we gather up good stories, we start to get rusty, we need more and more work. Then we go on to another adventure. It doesn't mean we are unlovable, we just need a little more time, some occasional bodywork, and then some more love. Then we're ready to go some more. Thanks for all the good times, Geri. I will always love and miss you, I hope your new family makes some good memories with you.

What are your fond VW memories?