Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DIY..... Won't you guide my sleigh tonight?

Yes, blogging takes a fair amount of time. Here it is 12.29.2010 and I haven't written for over two months. Before I close out the Christmas season, I will share what has been a few of my favorite things about this year's Christmas. DIY reindeer. (Do it yourself)

First off, I should give some credit to my neighbor Mila for my "holiday spirit." I had barely recovered from the trip to Baja, which requires it's own blog entry, when I came home from work one night to see Joe and Mila's house, all lit up. For me, it screamed "Santa's Coming!!!!" It put a smile on my face and set the wheels in motion for CHRISTMAS 2010!!!! This photo does not do justice to the brilliant light display I get to see every night. It helps that their son works for SDGE :)

During senior volleyball weekend at Rutgers, Molly, Caitlin, and I went for some retail therapy at Anthropologie. We couldn’t find anything to buy, but we did find this keen reindeer.....With a price tag of $65.00!!!!!! "Holy Crow!" I thought and said out loud, “I could do that!" I snapped a photo with my phone and set it on the brain back burner.

A couple weeks later I read something somewhere about breaking through creative blocks. At the same time I was procrastinating over studying for my ACLS renewal. Fabric, glue, and glitter seemed to be calling out to me from the sewing room.

On a warm, sunny December afternoon, I started experimenting and over the course of a week, came up with a finished reindeer. After admiring my handiwork for a couple days, I gave the reindeer to my neighbor, Heather. Heather loves Christmas and decorations. She also is the one who gave me a giant stash of Christmas fabric one year. It seemed only fitting that he should go to her.

I had found the first reindeer body in a thrift store. I was lucky to find two more at Michael’s. ACLS now complete, in between saving lives and real life, I could make some art for Molly and Caitlin!!!!!

They loved them! They shouted out with GLEE!!! Actually, Christmas day arrived…

My mom, who had been giving her Christmas stuff away, saw the reindeer at Molly’s house and mine.

Yep, Gramma was coveting the reindeer. “Mom, I would have made you one but you were getting rid of all YOUR stuff”. “Catherine, it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and if I had one I would keep it out, all year round.” Well, I love a challenge. I found another reindeer body. I want to see if she keeps it out all year.

More glitter, glue, fabric, and mess…

A finished product! I think it’s the best one yet.

I started to think about the "best one yet" concept. I was reminded of the story of Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding. The governor of the feast remarked to the servants serving him that they had saved the best for last. Then I started thinking about my favorite movie, “Babette’s Feast”, and then my brain moved on to my other favorite things about this past Christmas.

Three of my four brothers were at the house for dinner (along with 16 other people). During the week leading up to Christmas I got to see all four!!!! It’s been years since all five of us have been together at the same time. I was grateful to see them all. We aren't really a family reunion kind of family so maybe that's why when I get to see them all it's pretty wonderful.

This is the beginning of "Porterama" Giles, Patrick, and I before Giles headed to Mexico to join his family. And leave his dog at Mom and Dad's.

(Eugene, Puppa, Patrick, Catherine, Roy)

I get from Anthropologie to DIY reindeer to Jesus to food, movies, and my brothers….. It’s what happens when I sit down with some fabric, glue, glitter, old buttons, scraps of ribbon, and a little free time. Stream of consciousness... that only comes from Catherine.

I hope this finds you enjoying some little sweet thing and sets a lot of creativity in motion as well.

(I like this photo because of the artsy shadow)

In Health and Love, Catherine
PS This post is dedicated to Deb Barends who turned me on to the magazine "Cloth-Paper-Scissors" on my last visit to New Jersey. Creativity begets creativity, I think that's someone else's quote, my visit to her house jump started my brain. Thanks Deb!


  1. The reindeer are awesome and I love your blog! I'm honored for the shout out but I must credit my best friend Connie (better known as Brewer) who turned me onto CPS when I was out in CO in '09 for the RU volleyball up in WY. I just got my latest issue yesterday and was thinking how I would use the file folder journals. Funny how I woke up thinking about cleaning out my big closet of creative supplies this morning before I even saw your blog! (There must be some file folders in there somewhere!) Enjoy the rest of the holidays which may be every day with those reindeer out all year and here's sending best wishes for a very creative New Year!

  2. Love it Mumma. =) The reindeer is still out at the Bishop's house.... And I love you too.