Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Because when I look good... You play well"

I've never been one to put much effort into my appearance. I've been known to pick clothing up off the floor, shake it a few times, and wear it again the next day. Of course the older I get, I put in a bit more effort. More for me is not much for others. It's all relative. I was never the teenager to experiment with make up, in fact, my parents paid for someone to put make up on me when I got married and I didn't even recognize myself! I prefer the "natural look." When my eldest daughter got married, my younger daughter convinced me that to look good in the photo's, I needed to wear make up and when I found out how much it cost to have someone do it, she also suggested I learn to do it myself. "We'll just go to Nordstrom and then buy what they suggest." Such a thinker, that one. It was actually fun and I saw the benefit's in the photo's, so now, on occasion, I wear make up. Tomorrow is such an occasion. It is the first game of Caitlin's senior season playing volleyball. I have been on the sidelines, cheering for one my girls on the court for 16 years, it's been a good ride, I have loved it, and I am in anticipatory grieving over the end of this time in my life.

I love women's volleyball. I loved to play when I was young, I loved that both of my girls played, I love how the game has evolved, I just love it. The only other sport I love is surfing and women's volleyball is the only sport I love being a spectator, especially if one of my girls are on the court!

Most athletes have good luck charms. Mine happen to be dressing up, wearing certain pieces of jewelry, and yes.... putting on makeup. Not a lot, but enough. It didn't start until about 7 or 8 years ago. I realized that the better I felt in the stands, the better I cheered, the better I cheered, the more other people cheered. The fans cheering are the 7th player in volleyball. I remember Jace, one of Caitlin's team mates saying, "Catherine, you look good!" My reply, "when I look good, you play well!" It stuck. It got to a point where I had to start planning outfits when they had far away tournaments. The team did well. It was my good luck charm, a way for me to channel my energy, it was me doing my part for the team without ever setting foot on the court.

Doing well doesn't necessarily mean winning, although winning IS a beautiful thing. It means going out and doing your best, using your brain and the talents God has given you. So while those girls are on the court, I'm gonna do my best cheering and my best looking put together. I will wear my mother in laws pearls because she loved to come to games. I will love every minute that I get to see the team play this season.

After work tonight, I was putting things together. "What are you doing?" "I'm putting my outfits together." Robert asked, "Do I need to plan my outfits?" "Nope, just me."

When Caitlin was 9, she started playing volleyball. Her coach, Ed handed each girl a notebook. He explained to these little girl sponges the importance of a good nights sleep, clean socks for games, sportsmanship, being on time, and it had a quote from John Wooden, "Failure to prepare is preparing to fail." I can't sleep right now because I am so excited and I'm not even playing! My outfits are just about ready. As I prepare, I also looking back with so much fondness, at what my kid's athletic's have taught me.

So for now, I will continue to say thank you as I plan the weekend's outfits.


I'll figure what to do with the rest of my life when the season is over.

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