Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Making Gramma's cookies for Puppa's Birthday Season

I didn’t grow up with my Grandparents close by.  Dad’s mom was in Wisconsin, his Dad was deceased, Mom’s were in Boston, travel wasn’t as easy so we just didn’t see them much.  Every other year my Gramma Porter would come out on the train or plane for Christmas and those were the best years, because she made cookies.  And cinnamon rolls.  Both were the best I had ever tasted.  My mother recalls the kitchen being a mess, I just remember flour all over the counter and cookies, lots of cookies.  Tomorrow’s my Dad’s 86th birthday.  What the heck do you get an 86 year old that can go get anything he wants himself?  I decided this year I would make him his mom’s cookies.  It wasn’t an easy task getting the recipe. However, after a few phone calls and a trip down memory lane with a cousin in Michigan, I got the recipe for Gramma Porter’s cookies AND her frosting.  I made up a batch today and from the very first bite, I was a little kid in the kitchen with my Gramma.  I guess the thing I am most grateful for is that my Dad is still around to enjoy the cookies.  And that he is really good at keeping in touch with folks, so he can call around the country and get phone numbers for me to call.  Happy Birthday Dad.  I hope you enjoy the cookies as much as I enjoyed making them.

PS  For those of you who have recipes in your family that you love, make sure you get them while you can. Rumor has it that Gramma made the best lemon meringue pie, I sure with I had tasted that too.

I hope this finds you having a great day.

In Health and Love,

Roy and Eugene loving on Gramma, I'm just along for the love.

Good things start here.

Here's the flour!!!!

Decoration supervision
Puppa and Mr Poppins

Puppa's Box of Birthday Booty... Aunt Grace Style

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