Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Catherine, Warrior Daughter....

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of having a few hours off from my current season of parental duties. I had three hours, I folded laundry, loved on my dog, went to yoga. Some days everything comes together, some days it doesn't, I was most pleased to have Daniella teaching. So we're going through our asanas and for once I am actually breathing, praying, getting in the groove, and we get to the Warrior Series. I love the Warrior Series. I'm a big girl and I love the gracefulness that comes with moving in this series. Graceful, yet strong. The poses were named for the mythic warrior sage, Virabhadra. It encourages strengthening the entire body while improving mental capacity and self control. We can all use a little of that. While Daniella was explaining and encouraging us to be Warriors, I thought to myself, "I'm a Warrior. I'm in battle for my Dad." I instantly got stronger and while I went through the series in a second set, my prayer went up to the high heavens, for strength for me and all of the people involved in getting him back to Baja, and self control for me, when I get pissed off at the lack of communication in the health care system.

I've been sleeping at mom and dad's. This morning my mom called me into her room to show me one of her treasures. It was a music box that my dad had given his mom. He got it in Japan on one of his ship adventures. I told mom I remembered how I used to dust it and how I was super careful because if I didn't do it properly, "Mrs Clean" would surely let me know. And there at the top, I saw the Warrior.I tried winding up the music, the mechanism had not been wound in many many years. I took it apart and got it to work. I was talking to my mom. "Mom, you know why this is really cool that you brought this out?" I then proceeded to tell her that yoga is where I breathe and set intentions for myself and other people. It's where I can pray, uninterupted. I demontrated downward dog, and then showed her my warrior pose. "Mom, I'm going into battle for you and Dad. We're gonna get the correct feeding tube and Dad's gonna get back to his real life."

I enjoyed my early morning chat with mom. Being around here all the time, I get some special moment's, in between the not so special. Good is overwhelming bad. Today.

Tomorrow, Dad goes in to get a feeding tube placed in his stomach. It's going to give him more freedom, more time to get his broken flapper fixed.

By the way, God was making dad's bed tonight in the form of mom, straightening the Lovey and saying good night one last time for the day. I need to get to bed, we have an early day tomorrow and I need to be at my best as we go into battle. Warrior Style. Lot's of mental capacity and lots of self control.

As always, I wish you health and love,


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  1. Catherine,
    So good to hear the rest of the story. Usually I can only imagine and piece together a picture. Thank you for sharing your blog with me.

    Sleep well warrior. One battle is won.