Friday, July 23, 2010

Why Big Yellow Bowl

Seems to be a summer for blogging. My daughter Caitlin's friend Julia started blogging, then Caitie started with her blog, "Mom, I don't understand why you've never had a blog..." Perhaps my love of stream of consciousness writing that she has come to appreciate? My oldest daughter Molly was a blogger prior to facebook and I always enjoyed that. Now, I seem to be captured by sewing blogs, they've taken my creativity to a new level when I think technology is going to get the best of me. Anyway, I started thinking about blogs and what I would write about and what would I name it. Big Yellow Bowl came about because it's one of my favorite things. I like old things. Occasionally I think I should have been born in the 40's. Well, I wasn't, so I hold old things dear to my heart. Bowls, fabric, chairs, sewing machines, bikes, cars, kitchen utensils, just lots of stuff. I appreciate things that made to last and with integrity. The Big Yellow Pyrex Bowl.

I grew up in a family of 5 kids. Four boys and me smack dab in the middle. The only girl and middle child. When I wasn't getting picked on or picking on one of them, it was a good time. Roy, Gene, Giles, and Pat. We are all as different as night and day. We were raised Catholic which meant no meat on Fridays. That meant tuna casserole or macaroni & cheese for dinner. It was easy for my mom and we could all descend on it after a big day of being kids. Piping hot from the oven with that browned cheesy crust, there was always enough if some kid from the neighborhood happened to stay for dinner. I'm quite certain my mother thinks of that time as chaos and noise, but for me, the yellow bowl signifies a table with food, people, good times, and laughter. A simple bowl that could feed a lot of people, was pretty to look at, and highly functional in that it went from oven to table.

Life is hectic. Invite someone over to your house for a casserole. Put your cell phone away. Or better yet, make a casserole and take it to someone's house. I think everyone needs a yellow bowl. Have you got one?


  1. Hi there...Just found your blog. No yellow bowl now, but had one 60 years ago! find me at
    A yellow bowl full of ???

  2. I made Tuna casserole for Jung when she got home from knee surgery. I didn't have that bowl, but it tasted good.